Student Groups are Starting Transnational Scenario Development for Synpatic Cluster

Starting in January 2012, a transnational scenario development team, consisting out of 12 selected students from 5 universities, will be working on developing a synthesis of NWE mobility project results in form of scenarios for future seamless   travel.

With the help and guidance of experts from the 4 NWE mobility projects, RoCK, BAPTS, ICMA and SINTROPHER and experts from the engaging universities, the mostly postgraduate students from the University College London, University of Aberdeen, University of Wuppertal and Breda University of Applied Sciences, will analyze typical North West European journies from different target group perspectives. Experts, Students and Cluster representatives will meet for joint workshops in London, Aberdeen and Breda till Spring 2012.

In 4 interdisciplinary teams, the students will identify good practice examples implemented in the 4 Interreg IVB projects which are instrumental for seamless door-to-door journeys. Based on scenarios for fictional persons, they will visualize excellence achieved, needs for action and areas where transport policy and framework conditions will have to change in order to improve door-to-door connections. Find out more about the transnational scenario development by following up on the student travel audits  in our blogspot .

The student's work will be one of several contributions upon which the synaptic partnership will base its recommendations for future EU funding priorities, especially in the area of Interreg V mobility and transport projects. This cluster activity is coordinated by the University College London.

The following students will participate:

  • Trevor Meadows

  • Craig Morton

  • Konstantinos Papangelis

  • Joyce Fong

  • Rumen Moskov

  • Mirjam Wubbels

  • Daniel Durrant

  • Edwin Loo

  • Sandra Vinge

  • Katharina Dillmann

  • Isabelle Hoth

  • Thorsten Stubenrauch

Impressions from Breda meeting & award presentation 2012:

Transnational Scenario Development Team_Meeting Breda 2012



For further information, please contact Iqbal Hamiduddin:



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